Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hiatus is ending - did you notice I was gone?

I've taken a little over a month away from this blog.  Did anyone notice?  :D

Mostly I've been working on my 1-John study for Sunday School and that has taken up a lot of my time, not to mention work has been pretty crazy.  Something had to give, and it was this blog.  I have a lot of things that I want to catch-up-blog buckle up.

In the mean time,  I'm on twitter.



dziendobry said...

yup you were missed. The blasphemy bell is still being put to good use at my house. Glad you have joined the twitter army!

Jennifer Marshall said...

I noticed! Glad to have you back. Thanks for "inspiring" me to to Twitter, also! lol

GiBee said...

I'm afraid I draw the line at twittering... for now. I must resist the urge to get sucked into cyper space.

Welcome back! And just as a word of encouragement -- I'm seeing great spiritual growth in your Sunday School and Sharper folks!