Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Off To The Deeper Conference - Follow along!

I'm really excited to be able to attend the Deeper Conference again this week. At first, it didn't look like we were going to be able to afford my plane trip down, as a matter of fact there was pretty much no chance we were going to be able to pay for the flight. Then, out of nowhere I was asked by my job to attend a meeting in Marietta the Thursday before Deeper! Amazing, absolutely Amazing! Well, I'm here in Atlanta now...and I'm really excited about the opportunity to worship and study in such an evangelical atmosphere. There is nothing like it, and if you can't get here this year....start saving for next year it is definitely worth it.

If you are interested in following along as things start happening, you can follow #deeper09 on twitter. There will be plenty of folks updating as the conference progresses. If you don't have a twitter account, you can just follow this blog entry:

Get ready for some amazing testimonies!
-W.S. (mike)

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Wayne Dawg said...

Maybe we will run into each other!

They are putting on the conference in the old sanctuary this year...not sure why. Hopefully they got rid of those old uncomfortable bench seats in there.