Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday: Powerful Lyrics - "Belong" By Chris Rice

I want to start posting a bit more consistently, and one way to force myself to do that is to have a theme day.  Today I'm going to post the first (of hopefully many) Friday posts of some of the most powerful lyrics to Christian songs I enjoy.  

Before I do, I have to ask you a question.  Do you actually listen to the words of the songs that you sing?  Whether it is in church, in your car, or wherever you enjoy listening music I challenge you to closely examine the music you listen to.  Try to not just examine the lyrics by themselves, but focus on the theology behind them.  You'll be surprised by how much theologically shallow (an innacurate) much of the Christian music out there has become.

Today's installment is the song "Belong" by Chris Rice.  It's from the album "Smell The Color 9".   I absolutely love this song b/c of the way it forces me to visualize salvation, when I actually see the lyrics typed out it actually is a fantastic poem w/o the music:

"Belong": By Chris Rice

Fading memories ignored
I crawl across the forest floor
Pool reflects an orphan child
Dirty, lost, alone and wild
Fatherless and nameless still
Fallen heart and broken, will
there ever be a place where I belong

I cower ‘neath the monster trees
And try to stand on tired feet
But gravity knocks me to the ground
Where I give up, and tears roll down
I claw the dust and beg the end
Curse the day that I began
to hope there’d be a place where I belong

I hear a sound I recognize
You lift my chin and seek my eyes
Song of love You sing to me
I ache to sing it back to Thee
“Father Love prepares a place
Brother Jesus leads the way
Follow to the place where you belong!”

How did I miss this wondrous song?
The forest sang it all along
“River rinses all your shame
Father offers you His name
Father Love prepares a home
Brother Jesus leads you on
Follow to the place where you belong!”

“Father Love prepares a place
Brother Jesus leads the way
Follow to the place where you belong
Follow to the place where you belong!”

There are many parts of this song that I love, but the one line that gives me chills every time I read or hear it is this:

"I hear a sound I recognize
You lift my chin and seek my eyes"

Can you visualize that?  You are broken, you have realized you have sinned against God, the creator of the universe.  The one who gave your breath, and b/c of your sin you  destined to hell. The first verse sums it up perfectly, you are "Dirty, lost, alone, wild, Fatherless, nameless, broken, and have a fallen heart."  You don't deserve to come before him, to even plead your case.

But then, you hear something.    You recognize the sound, but you don't know why.  And what happens?  Jesus reaches down into the your life and gently lifts your chin up from off the cold ground created by your sin.  Then, he looks for your eyes.  That implies a sincerity and compassion that I can not even comprehend.  You are overcome with the Sin in your life, but the one and only true God still seeks you and lifts you up, despite the wretchness of your current state.

What is his response of this incomprehensible display of love, compassion and salvation? 

"I ache to sing it back to Thee" 

Ache.  Everything in your entire body and soul desires to show Him how grateful you are for the amazing gift He has given to you, and the amazing Grace He has displayed.  If you looked at your life today, would you say you are "Aching" to sing praises and glory back to the Lord?  I think the real question that we as Christians have to ask ourselves is....How can we not?

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