Monday, October 20, 2008

Presented With Humilty: My First Sermon

I struggled on whether not I should post this b/c I am still overcome by the emotion after delivering this sermon last Sunday (it was my first). It is such a humbling experience, and something I don't take lightly.  I was asked to deliver this sermon as a part of an ongoing series on Stewardship.

I post it here today not for any type of recognition for myself, but for the Glory of God. Please pray that this message will be received by those who need to hear it.

This is the illustration I reference in the begining of my sermon.  This was put together by our Assiociate Pastor based on the sermon our Senior Pastor preached the week before entitled "The Greatest Return".  Pastor Randy asked each person to fill out a card which said "I once was..." and the congregation laid it at the foot of the cross.

You can listen to the Sermon here:

Here are the notes:

The Greatest Testimony- "Becoming a Doer"
(James 1:19-27)

Your Testimony
  1. What is a testimony? 
    • Having personal and immediate knowledge of something”
    • This “something” is God
  2. How do you get a testimony? (vs 21)
    • Receive the word of God, (this is God’s promise)
    • “Receive it in Humility
    • put aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness
    • repent & no longer live a life marked by habitual
Proving Your Testimony

Signs of a “Doer”
  1. You are obedient to God’s Law (vs 25)
  2. You control your _tongue (vs 26) (James 3)
  3. You remain “unstained From The world” (vs 27)



Miles said...

My wife and I were on that flight with you Saturday night. You did a great job, on the plane and in your church, of preaching the hard truth of the Word with compassion. You're practicing what you preach, setting a good example of submission to Christ, and doing what He asks, for His Glory.
Take care brother.

Wretched Sinner said...

Appreciate the kind words Brother, it was great meeting you and your wife before we got on the plane. It was such a blessing to hear of her first witness opportunity on the cab ride to the airport!

Man, that witness on the plane was one of the toughest I've ever took all 1.5 hours of the flight! It was amazing though, and always an honor to serve the Lord. Keep in touch man.

Noiz said...

Man im so upset I haven't listen to this yet. For some reason I thought I subscribed to your blog and that you just hadn't posted anything since deeper. Then I stop by just to browse around and saw that you have been posting! Im going to listen to this as soon as tomorrow. I look forward to hearing it.

The Wretch said...

Hey I just listened to your sermon while I was at work today, wow. You did quite well (with the Lord's help.) I am REALLY looking forward to hear your next sermon!