Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learn The Ten Commandments In 5 Minutes

I stumbled upon this tonight, and I'm really glad I did. Pastor Steve over at Stone The Preacher put together this quick instructional video on how to learn the 10 commandments in 5 minutes. Now, this isn't something you will want to practice in front of a bunch of people b/c you'll probably look pretty rediculous...BUT I can assure you that if you run through this 5 minute video and follow along you will never forget the 10 commandments again.

If you start watching this and you find yourself saying, "This is dumb, I fell like such a fool doing this!" then I ask you to ask yourself two follow-up questions:
  1. Do I have the 10 commandments 100% committed to memory (in order)? (If answer is no, see question #2)
  2. What is more "dumb"....not knowing the 10 commandments or going through an exercise that will help you learn them?
I leave the conclusion up to you.



GiBee said...

love it... will do this with Hunter to see if it works with little (and hard headed) ones!!!!!!!

Teri Campbell said...

That is great!