Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet Ronnie: Have you met before?

Have you met anyone like Ronnie before? Think about it, how many Ronnie's are at your church?

Here's a tougher question...are you Ronnie?

Either way, my point here is not to cast stones. As Christians, as true followers of Christ, we must build REAL relationships in our church. This will enable us to begin to have REAL fellowship with our church family. I'm not simply speaking of friendships here, I'm talking about the kind of relationship that is built on a foundation of repentance and trust in Jesus Christ. This is not a hypocritical "churchy" relationship that I know we are all familiar with. The one where you walk on egg shells and are to have conversations that will expose your true hypocrisy. We've all been there, and maybe we're there today. We must get beyond the days of speaking in church cliche's, and start having conversations about our Amazing God using real words.

What kind of conversations do you have with people in your church? Are they any different the typical conversations those of the world have on a daily basis? Are they only about the weather, sports, fashion, or TV? Or are your conversations about Christ? Your Savior. Your God. Your LORD. They should be.

After all, what else is there really to talk about?

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GiBee said...

Soooooo ... it Isn't in the "Puh-salms" that muzak equals worship?

Where have I gone wrong?

Dude, this is too funny! How do you find these things?!? And, yeah -- I can totally see this type of person sitting in a seeker-sensitive church! Or maybe even our church!

"Any teaching...that starts with us and our needs, rather than the glory of God, is unscriptural, and seriously unscriptural. That subjective approach... is what has led many astray for so many years." Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), pastor of Westminster Chapel in London