Sunday, February 8, 2009

My New Sermon Jam - Todd Friel Sermon Jam

I've only been working on this one for a couple weeks, but I was quite surprised it came together a little faster than the last one. The sermon jam comes from Todd Friel's (from wretched radio) sermon "How do you know you are a Christian?" sermon he delivered on 1-John. The Jam just highlights the 10 point test Todd cites in 1-John. You can play it using the player below:

Or you can dowload it here in mp3 format.

Todd's original sermon can be found here if you have never heard it.

Would love your thoughts and comments on it. For His Glory.


Jennifer Marshall said...

Yet again, good job! Maybe this one will end up on Wretched, too! lol

Sam said...

Great Work! Keep it up!

Wayne Dawg said...

Great job dude........

Ok - question,

How can I put your jam on my blog?

Wretched Sinner said...

Hey Dawg, thanks.

If you want to embed, you just go here:

and at the top right of the page you'll see "embed this". Then you just have to paste it into your blog. I had some issues with it at first and I had to add a closing tag at the end. Not sure what is up with that. If it doesn't work let me know. there are some other ways to do it.


GiBee said...

Shepherd Dawg ... Love it.

Great job! Do you share these at your Sharper group?

Wretched Sinner said...


Yeah, I shared it the other night. Planning on sharing it at Sunday school this week as we are about to start a study of 1-John.

Vikki said...

Love it!! Is it ok that I posted it on my Facebook??

Wretched Sinner said...

Not a problme vikki, that's why I made it. Share away! For His Glory!