Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Does This Verse Mean To Me?

Wanted to share a great article from John MacArthur:

What Does This Verse Mean "to Me"? :: Grace to You

Would love your thoughts here.

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GiBee said...

Well --I think we discussed this on Sunday, but I agree with this article. And again I go to the fruits of the Holy Spirit (just went there in an "un-spiritual" post today).

Many preachers today preach in a "feel-good" mentality. How can they deliver scripture in a way that will make their congregation feel good and ... GASP ... not leave angry.

John MacArthur says it very clearly: dispense the truth clearly and accurately. Period. End of discussion.

Don't distort it to embrace things such as same-sex marriages, pregnancy out of wedloc, abortions, divorce, debt, etc... which are all really delicate issues all churches deal with!

My only addition is: in love; in kindness; with gentleness.

Speak truth/doctrine from scripture? Absolutely. Make it "comfortable" for the person hearing it? Well, no. But do it with the tools the Holy Spirit provides us with.

If truth is being taught lovingly without justification or exception, and not watered down, then the believer receiving it will be able to understand it, and then apply it appropriately.